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Documentary film, Infotainment film, PR - Imagefilm, Screenplay, music and narration

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Krisztián Bárány - general manager, screenwriter, director
Dániel Bárány - Director of photography, editor, co-director
Alida Bárány-Szilfai - office manager

Filmlab Studio

Immortals – Battle of Limanowa 1914

– documentary film

The documentary film was made based on the researches of Krisztián Bárány. The film represents the first year of WWI from the view of the K.u.K. 9th hussar regiment.

The Sopron hussars went to the Eastern Front in August 1914, to Galicia. The documentary film is based on the story of a hussar, Béla Ujhegyi and the commander, Ottmar Muhr, who died at Limanowa. The film represents the Polish-Hungarian nations’ friendship and togetherness. The film respects the Hungarian and Polish heroes of WWI.

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Immortals werk – Studio was working with tradition keepers and actors as well, in case to create the most authentic and impressive scenes

Produced by HM Zrínyi Nonprofit Kft., Zrínyi Military Film Studio (Hungary)
Screenplay-director: Krisztián Bárány
Assistant director: Dániel Bárány
Partner: FilmEver

Thanks to Krisztian Barany – Premier in Limanowa (Poland)

The Holy Crown and Coronation Insignia of Hungary

– infotainment film about the Momentum Holy Crown research group

Produced by FilmEver
Screenplay-director: Krisztián Bárány
DOP: Dániel Bárány

The Holy Crown is the main symbol of Hungarian statehood, the most important treasure and relic of the nation. The fate of the crown and the nation has been bound together for more than a thousand years. Besides struggles for the throne, wars of conquest, diplomatic bargaining and intrigue, numerous legends are attached to the Holy Crown of Saint Stephen which our ancestors truly personified.

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What is the provenance of this special relationship? How significant was this in the past and how significant is it now? What message do the Holy Crown and the other coronation insignia convey to people in the 21st century? We will now examine the history of the past thousand years, based on both legend and reality.

FilmLab Stúdió

Cross mountain

– 2nd WW documentary film (Zrínyi Military Filmstudio)

Writer – co-director: Krisztián Bárány, Nagy József
Assistant director: Dániel Bárány

The “Cross mountain” (Kereszthegy) documentary (2014) illustrates the 1944 battles in the Gyergyó Basin from the perspective of the Royal Hungarian 21st Mountain Border Guard Battalion (1940-1944)

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Special prize – 5th International Historical and Military Films Festival (2014, Warsaw)
First prize (historical film section) – 24th International Defence Film Festival (2014, Bracciano-Rome)

Legend of Szondi

– mini documentary film

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Special prize of Media Services and Support Trust Fund (MTVA) – 15th Lakitelek Filmfestival (2015)

Timetravel in the classroom

– educational material and information series

The basic story

Our natural assets live with us, as well as our historical memories. They are either at the top of a mountain or in a museum, but they live with us and they have stories to tell us. The Time travel in the classroom is based on these memories. Besides maps and clothing reconstructions, we also create a story: we introduce Hungarian history through the story of a time travelling little boy, Bendeguz. Of course he needs mates during the adventures. These mates are the other children. They get special tasks and quizzes in the films and then the time travelling will be continued on the Facebook and the planned website.


Interview with experts, historians
Animation – nice visualisation which
3D: buildings and battle reconstructions
Actors – dramatized scene: an interesting story, based on original sources
Quizzes and using social media


To let the children know their country’s, nation’s and Middle-Europe’s history
Method: speaking their language
Aim: to show the „living history”
To let them understand the European culture
To let them see the cooperation between nations

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“The lost world of Hungarian dinos”

– mini documentary
MOL NYRT’s ‘Media for talents’ award – video category (Budapest, 2012)